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Wyuna Separation Technology

Oil Water Separator Specialist

Coolant / Cutting Oil Purification

Manufacturing, Automobile, and Steel plants

  • Coolant purification – removing oil, solids & metal particles from cooling liquid
  • Cutting fluids
  • Grinding fluids (Filters ferrous AND non-ferrous particles)
  • High pressure coolant
  • Coolant through spindle (CTS)
  • Vehicle Wash Water Reclaim
  • Process water oil separator
  • Service Station Service Bays and Fuel Dispensing
  • Replace current paper and cartridge filters or extend their life

Coolant contamination problems

Tramp Oil

  • Shorter lifetime of tools
  • Shorter working life of coolant
  • Higher costs for new coolant
  • Downtime and destruction
  • Bacterial growth Unpleasant smell and skin irritations
  • Sticks to details
  • Oil mist


  • Wear on machines, pumps and tools
  • Reduced precision

Cleaning coolants– removing oil and particles

Water based emulsions

  • Mineral oils
  • Semisynthetic oils
  • Synthetic oils
  • Vegetable oils
  • Neat oils

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Filtering your Machining Coolant can yield many benefits, not only reducing the number of times you have to change your Machine Coolant, but also in preventing damage to equipment and improving health and safety for employees. A lot of the damage that occurs to tools and equipment is done by small particles and tramp oil . WyunaSep separator prevents these particles and tramp oil from damaging tools and equipment. Filtering also saves a great deal of waste by drastically reducing the number of coolant changes.

It is very important to keep machine tool coolants free of tramp oil and solid matter to maximize coolant life and minimize coolant and labour costs. WyunaSep coolant reclaim systems can help maximize coolant life and help save both maintenance and coolant replacement costs. WyunaSep will be glad to design a coolant reclaim system to meet the needs of your facility. WyunaSep does not provide coolant filtration systems. This is because a coolant filtration system has consumable filters which add to operating costs.

WyunaSep Hydrocyclone technology which has been used successfully in solving petroleum and chemical industry problems can also be applied to the processing of metal-cutting coolants. This technology, featuring the use of hydrocyclone separators –WyunaSep, this provides a very effective and low cost method of removing solids and tramp oil in one process. Removal of these contaminants, especially the oil dramatically extends coolant life and reduces maintenance costs. Proper use of purification equipment can extend the life of machine tool coolant by 30% or more

If tramp oil is not removed from circulating coolant systems, it can be used as a food by various types of bacteria, causing runaway bacterial growth. This bacterial growth can cause odour problems, allergic reactions among the workers, and can also affect the machining properties of the coolant. All of these problems can cause higher expenses, lower productivity, and can also cause possible machine breakage and / or excess bearing wear. WyunaSep Hydrocyclone separators can be used to clean coolant to increase coolant life, reduce costs and increase productivity with the added bonus of possibly creating a healthier workplace. Many methods can be used to purify coolant, but the WyunaSep system is one of the best because it does not utilize absorbents, Chemicals, big tanks or other consumables and does not utilize any high speed centrifugal equipment. For these reasons it is economical and easy to operate.

WyunaSep Modules– Coolant-3.5 & 3.5S, coolant -7 & 7S, Coolant-10 & 10S


Filter over 99% of particles 25 µm, 95% of particles 10 µm, and 90% of particles 5 µm in size. Dramatically improve cutting precision and production quality by reducing scratching, as well as increase tool life, and safeguard machining equipment.

Precise Filtration Performance:

Filter Ferrous AND Non-Ferrous Material Simple Disposal Durable Stainless Steel No Foaming Wide Range of Sizes & Solutions Compact Design with Simple Installation

And the ensuing BENEFITS:

Reduced Running Costs Minimize Maintenance & Downtime Prolongs the Life of Coolant & Fluids Eliminate Filtration Waste Reduced Coolant Rancidity & Fouling Cleaner Coolant / Reduce Scratches & Damage Eliminate Pump & System Clogging Longer Tool Life

Main benefits of WyunaSep coolant reclaim system

  • Increased production and quality
  • Saves costs–Reduced tool consumption–Reduced fluid consumption–Lower disposal costs
  • Better working environment
  • Meets environmental legislation

Reduce Running Costs

The WyunaSep hydrocyclone provides huge cost savings through

  • Longer coolant and fluid life
  • Longer cutting tool life
  • Reducing scratches and production failure rate
  • Reducing the frequency of scheduled tank maintenance
  • Minimizing other maintenance and downtime
  • Better allocate skilled staff to high priority tasks
  • Eliminate or prolong the life of paper and cartridge filtration
  • Eliminate expensive pump, rotary joints, and system repairs