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WyunaSep Oily Water Separation System for Meatworks Industry


The potential high fat content of effluent from meat processing plants can Lead to treatment issues in primary and secondary treatment processes, such as extended Digestion times, scum formation and inhibition of methane production. In most cases, keeping the fat out of the water and processing it in the existing on-site rendering plant  with the help of efficient WyunaSep Hydrocyclones system provides the meat processor with the best return 
 The WyunaSep separator is powerful, compact, simple, non-chemical, low cost and easy to maintain. It separates out  animal fats, emulsified fat and suspended solids efficiently and quickly. Its power is evident by the speed and high efficiency of separation. The actual time for separation to take place within fraction of second. The quick recovery of fat is  desirable to keep the effluent stream clean and free fats low. Typically 75-95% of fat and 65-75% of heavy suspended solids can be recovered from Meatworks  effluent streams. These characteristics make it a sensible choice for Secondary treatment. The inherent benefits of this separation technology are:
Recovery and Reprocessing
Clean (non-chemical) recovery of  solids /fibre that contain valuable fat and protein.
Non hygienic fat and protein can be reprocessed for tallow and animal feed. 
High Temperature waste stream
Separation is enhanced at elevated fluid temperatures. Water can be treated immediately without cooling time or the need to pass through a heat exchanger.
Reduction in costly pump outs, Manpower for cleaning and collecting fats and solids, trade waste charges and less sludge cleaning.
Improved Overall Treatment
Consistent inlet stream to tertiary /further treatment
Electrical power for aeration of ponds or to DAF system reduced
Less maintenance, as it works on single pump.
Increased efficiency of recovery and overall ETP section.
Low Acquisition Cost -Simple Installation/Small Space Requirement-Simple Operation
Minimal or no demands on operation and maintenance staff. Operators will have more time for other duties because they will not be 
dealing with the effects of fats and solids carryover to other more complex treatment systems. Also, the operation of a system only 
contributes minimal noise (noise of the pump).
Low Maintenance
Pump is the only moving part
No or minimal cleaning
Robust stainless steel construction
High Performance:
WyunaSep  liquid /liquid hydrocyclones can treat emulsions with oil droplets below 15 microns. (50 to 100 microns for competitor's systems). More reliable oil separation performance. Units are not affected by debris build up or inadequate maintenance, as can occur with other systems. The treatment system is closed hence there are no equipment smells or vapor emissions.
Low Maintenance:
No plates, or Hopper to clean leading to lower yearly maintenance costs. No closely packed plates to block. No algae chemical dose required. No large stagnant volumes. All our systems use high quality stainless steel piping and frames. No occupational health & safety issues like with plate pack cleaning.
Easy Installation/Use:
Our most models are easily manoeuvrable and will fit into confined or hazardous spaces. Pressurized oil and water discharge allows flexibility in site location and savings because re-pumping is not required. Standard systems are fully pneumatic with no electrical connections. This greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of installation.
Operational Flexibility:
Has the ability (via recycle option) to batch treat very difficult emulsions, and discharge water when oil content is below limits. With low cost recycle option, equipment has the ability to meet future oil discharge limits without additional capital expenditure. Removed oil is stored in large above (or below) ground decanting containers, extending the time between oil waste collections. Because our systems use skimmers, oil layers do not accumulate in the effluent pit so little or no oil will escape if the pit accidentally floods. 
Benefits of using WyunaSep hydrocyclones system:
  • High degree of contaminant removal, particularly suspended solids and fats, oil and grease;
  • hydrocyclones have a small foot print and retention time and no moving parts (MLA2007). 
  • Hydrocyclones remove 40-90% of oil and grease and are a capital cost-effective method compare with other technologies(GHD2003)
  • Very short residence time  ( Separation takes place in seconds) and consequently very small footprint
  • No chemicals required;
  • High quality fat-rich stream (i.e. low FFA concentration due to short residence time), which may have a recoverable economic benefit as a high grade tallow;
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs –self cleaning effect and no consumables required  
  • Very capital cost effective, particularly in specific terms of $ per tonne of suspended solids and oil and grease removed.*  

*Reference: Assessment of Hydrocyclones for Fat Removal from 


Feature, Which Means?

Foot Print

Compact, 10% the size and weight of conventional systems. -2 to 24 m3 = 1 to 1.5 m2 area.

Oil content

single cycle <20 ppm or recycle + DHRR <5ppm in two stage ?Clean water with no chemicals. ?Effluent can be recycled for continuous treatment.

It is the most economical.

Lowest cleaning & maintenance bills. Lowest repair & parts replacement bills. Lowest total ownership cost over 2 to 4 years.

Highest performance

Ensure discharge compliance. Satisfies Regulatory authorities. More likely to meet tougher new Regulations.

Lowest maintenance

You can get on with your business.

Fully pneumatic.

Complies with Standards for hazardous Waste Zones.