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Oil And Grease Trap

Oil And Grease Trap

  • Hotels & Restaurant Kitchen Drains
  • Large commercial buildings Kitchen Drains


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WyunaSep Grease Traps


High Performance

WyunaSep uses flow configuration in such a way that it splits, dampens, and elongates the incoming flow of kitchen wastewater. This means there is not short-circuiting or channeling of the flow within the system. By preventing turbulence, eliminating re-mixing and providing minimum residence time per unit volume. WyunaSep Grease Trap creates an optimal environment for in-kitchen grease separation.

Installation Flexibility

The unique flow pattern in the Grease Trap allowed WyunaSep to design a system that easily fits in confined spaces typically available in commercial kitchen. Additionally, the dimension of the Grease Trap fall well within the footprint of most competitive conventional grease traps. WyunaSep has a system available to replace that rusted metal trap regardless of where it is currently installed –under sink, next to sink or in-floor.

Built to Last

WyunaSep Grease Trap is constructed of SS 316/304 that were specially chosen for long life Under harsh conditions. Gone are the days when a commercial kitchen operation has to replace a leaky, rusted, broken metal / concrete traps every two to three years. 


Ease of Installation
Minimum complexity
Long lasting MOC
Meeting Design Specifications
Specified Equipment

Vendor Experience and Support