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Wyuna Separation Technology

Oil Water Separator Specialist

Core Principle

Our Promise - “The proof of the product is in the performance”

More than just products, but a promise,  Wyuna Separation Technology says  “The proof of the product is in the performance” and it’s a commitment we apply in our relationships with everyone important to our business. Wyuna Separation Technology is focussed on ensuring it’s more than a supplier of goods but, importantly, a partner in a process that seeks to continually deliver the newest and most exciting solutions to our markets.
Since the Company’s beginning, Wyuna Separation Technology name has gone hand in hand with invention, flexibility and adaptability, qualities that allow us to anticipate trends and respond with creative ideas. These qualities have been hallmarks of the WyunaSep business since its founding members foresaw the advent of the Hydrocyclones and wisely diversified into innovative engineered products.
Innovation underpins the Company’s relative longevity in the marketplace.

Our Vision

To build a leading global business servicing the process industry using innovation to develop technology that provides tangible benefits for our customers.

Our Purpose

Since its establishment the purpose of the Company has been to increase the value of its shareholders’ investment by the generation of profits. The Company, through its employees, achieves this purpose by meeting the needs of customers for the products and services it offers.

Environmental Responsibility

Wyuna Separation Technology places great emphasis on ethics that seek to minimise environmental impacts, in all aspects of our business, to the best of our ability. We understand that the industries we serve can potentially harm the quality of our earth / air and places a high priority in proactively identifying and responding to anticipated health, safety and environmental hazards.

From the outset, we encourage partnerships between stakeholders, including our own teams of specialist engineers and consultants, our clients and the communities they serve, so that positive outcomes are achieved. We seek to fully comply with all government, industry and other codes to ensure we meet our obligations.

We seek to make a difference to the environment through processes that:

Reduce waste
Reuse and recycle raw materials
Minimize pollution
Control noise
Reduce energy consumption
Deliver greener technology
Reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Complying with all environmental legislation, regulations, standards and codes of practice applicable to our operations as an absolute minimum requirement.
Regular review and setting of meaningful environmental objectives and targets with particular focus on resource conservation, waste minimization and prevention of pollution.
Identifying all significant environmental aspects relevant to our operations and implementing an environmental management plan to minimize their impacts.
Developing environmental awareness within Wyuna Separation Technology through effective communication, training, consultation and interaction with all stakeholders including employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.
Adopting environmental management as a key value, requiring management and staff to control operations in accordance with the environmental policy.
Monitoring advances in environmental control and technology that are relevant to our operations.
Taking a pro-active role in monitoring changes in community attitudes and regulatory trends.
Ensuring that this Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees, contractors, suppliers and customers and is readily available to shareholders and the public.
Wyuna Separation Technology will continue to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Strategy  

Wyuna Separation Technology’s strategy is to continue to develop our business in the global markets. This growth will be delivered by a combination of internally driven organic growth and complementary acquisitions and Partnerships. We strive to develop differentiated products and services that deliver benefits to our customers and profits to Wyuna Separation Technology. Developing and commercialising innovative solutions  to global market is core to the growth of the company.

We will continue to grow both the capital equipment and consumables aspects of our business. A differentiated service offering will support both consumable and capital equipment sales. The service will be delivered by regional service centres throughout our global operations.

Ongoing improvement in processes will drive increased efficiencies and a truly global supply chain.